Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What A "Keep Calm & Stitch On" Weekend!

It is Tuesday & I am still recovering from my weekend! For the 3rd year in a row, I have gathered with my stitching friends at a local hotel for a winter's retreat...heaven on earth!
After we took over the conference room, we had a lovely catered meal Friday night, yummy subs for lunch Saturday & it was Italian for Saturday dinner at a local restaurant. We've never really had a name for the retreat, so when I received the awesome scissor fobs I ordered from my friend Kathy (Designs by Lisa) - we adopted the saying for our retreat.
Look for these fobs at your LNS or ONS - she makes them out of old scrabble tiles (appropriate since I have ongoing Words With Friends games with many of our participants!) Mine looks like sea glass.

Here are some more pics from our relaxing weekend:
Everyone worked on their own thing - cross-stitch, hardanger,
counted canvas - I quilted most of the weekend.
There was knitting going on as well. I got a tutorial on how to make those frilly scarves.
Maureen working on Ink Circles - Here Comes Treble. I did my part as chief enabler & told her about the other 2 patterns in this series. (Hard to let go of my retailer days sometimes!)
Connie worked on her Quaker Friendship Sampler. She is going to
 work all of our initials into the sampler - how cool is that?

The best part about the weekend (other than no cooking, cleaning or laundry) was that my sister flew in for the weekend & joined us. She brought a few projects along & sewed up a storm. Her parting words at the airport were "I'll be back for this next year!" - Yeah...I got another one hooked!

It was a great weekend for my oldest son too! He participated with the newly formed Sioux City Knights Special Olympics Team (he graduated last year & can no longer participate with his old team) at the Northwest IA Basketball Skills tournament. Yeah for him - a 4th place in the "big boys" bracket! (Yes, I know - he looks just like me...or Harry Potter)
I close with a stitchy photo. More progress on the Whoo's There chart. I should finish this up soon now that I got another skein of the Espresso Bean. Hmm....what is going to go on the red linen?? It comes off rather orange in the pic - you will find out next week for what this something special will be!
Happy Stitching!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Time for the Grow Your Blog Party!

I took my 3 wonderful followers and joined the party!
Actually, I read about this on my Superstar Serial Starter & Divined Disciplined Diva Facebook group (yes, it's a real group...I love all 1,120 members!) Since I am now a "blogger" and know just enough to be dangerous...I thought I would give it a try. Here's the problem, I'm away at college right now - well, visiting a college for my son, so I realized that I didn't have great pictures to post - but we'll try this anyway.

A beautiful day on Wartburg College campus.
As part of our college search, we are here for a Scholarship Weekend.

Vicki of 2 Bags Full is hosting the Grow Your Blog Party (see a link to her blog on my sidebar). She suggested we do several things in our January 19th post: introduce ourselves and have a giveaway. So I'll start with introductions.

Obviously, you can read the little bio below my picture. I'm involved in the needlework industry, but I also work part-time in a quilt shop where I maintain the shop's web-site, work with customers & recently learned how to operate the shops long-arm quilting machine. I love being surrounded by all of the color & pattern when I am there.

I plan to talk much more about the needlework finishing & design part of my life as I grow & build up Hands On Design. I hope that you will check back to see updates.

Enough about me...these are some very important members of my family. Sisters Zeza & Whisker were rescued as kittens 5 years ago and Cassie, below, rescued us 3 years ago. I never really thought I would live with such a zoo, but they bring us joy every day. (My husband also likes to remind me that we are at the legal city limit!)

Speaking of cities, I live in Sioux City - home to Jolly Time popcorn, Palmer candy, Sioux Bee Honey, and Jumpy Monkey coffee - yum! This leads me to my giveaway! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post (with an email address so I can contact you for an address)! You do not need to follow my blog and I will close the contest on Feb 1st.

Your prize will be a little taste of Sioux City...some of the wonderful products from our hometown businesses. Please indicate if you are a knitter, quilter or stitcher - I would like to include a little something "extra"! Thanks for playing!

I always like to include at least one stitchy picture. Boo's There? is a current WIP. I am visiting an LNS tomorrow (yippee!) to pick linen and threads for my next BAP (Ink Circles, Cirque de Coeurs) which will also be a SAL! Didja understand all of those initials? Hope so!

Have a great time at the Blog Party. I believe if you click on the Blog Party icon on my left sidebar - it will take you to Vicki's post which will include a listing of all party attendees. (on the 19th)

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Year (Yes, I know it's January11th!)

The holidays were a whirlwind. For the 1st time ever - we packed up the kids, boarded the dog, left a HUGE bowl for the cats (no really, the neighbor checked on them)...and boarded a plane to Reagan International Airport. If you can ever land in Washington DC at night...do so, it is breathtaking to see the monuments lit up!
After an overnight stop to my big sis's house, we drove to the Richmond area to celebrate with my husband's family. Now, we are scattered all over the globe, so this was a huge accomplishment. We not only wanted to celebrate Christmas, but honor my mother & father-in-law on the occasion of their 50th anniversary.

From l to r: my husband Bill, Sis-in-Law, F-In-Law, M-In-Law, & Bro-In-Law
they are holding a Papal Blessing that we got for them all the way from the Vatican!

We continued to celebrate Christmas when we got home. I got some cool gadgety things from DH. First is an image uploader for my Ipad - ya gotta get one! It fits into the port on the Ipad, you put your memory card into that & walla - upload whatever images you select. It's great if you are like me & carry all your photos on your Ipad. DH also gifted me some new thumb drives. I said I needed something "blingy"...and he delivered! 

They light up when I use them & blink when I am saving something (maybe he thought I said "blinky" not "blingy"?) - that's OK, I love them!
After the holidays - I am officially "back to work"! I have a few finishing projects that came in after the Holiday deadline that need to be started & some new design ideas.
I teased everyone with a FB photo of this little project for a shopowner friend. It is all stitched up & I will post a pic of it after her retreat!
When not stitching my own designs - I love to take a breather & take a stab at my own pile-o-projects. I pretty much stitch Halloween all year round & this is my current WIP.

Well that's all for now. I am still learning my way around the Blogging Universe! I finally learned to put a "Follow Me" button on...I think it's time for a glass of wine...whew.

Thanks for taking a peek & have a great weekend!