Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope it's a great day that you get to share with someone special.

Last week, on our anniversary, my husband & I actually booked an afternoon tennis court & enjoyed a game..something we haven't done in years. While I do play a lot, we actually spend most of our time driving our youngest son around the states to watch him play in tournaments. He graduates high school this year and will play in college as well. Big changes in store for our family as very soon we will no longer pack the car on a Friday to head to whatever city and play in whatever tournament. Any parent of a child in sports can relate! Heavy sigh, but a happy sigh as his hard work has paid off for his coming college years .

When I started this blog, I said I would share a bit about the design process. I snapped a few pics as I am frantically trying to get new releases charted and shipped to one of my distributor's who is kindly showing them at the upcoming Nashville Market.

Yesterday was photoshoot day & today is final charting & covers. They will get sent to the printer who will hopefully work his magic...quickly! Fun times in our house this weekend as we bag teeny little buttons and fold & stuff charts. The picture is my desk...actually cleaned up a bit. My cat, Zeza likes to manage everything. She would be the perfect shop cat I think.

I do carry a sketch book with me pretty much wherever I go. I promised Norden Crafts Ltd (who will be showing my models at market) a complimentary design for market. This is a teeny look at what it all started out as...a weird sketch that ended up looking like anything but the final product! That happens A LOT! I pretty much design with the final colors in mind. I am weird that way...I don't write rough drafts and I don't design them either. Yes, I do tweak here & there as I stitch models, but pretty much once it's in the computer, its all good.
Better go - one model was not quite finished yesterday for pictures, so we're getting it done today.
Have a great Sweetheart's Day & a great weekend!

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