Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy St. Paddy's to you!

I always love this time of year, the 3rd weekend in March! For me & about 60 women that live in the area...each year for the last 20+ years, we have gathered in Gretna, NE for our annual stitching retreat. No kids, husbands, cooking or cleaning...just stitching, laughing, and catching up with friends!

I started going when my kids were yet babes & I wouldn't miss it for the world! It's my own little St. Patrick's celebration since it often falls right on the date! So celebrate a little and stitch up my complimentary design, "Paddy Pocket". Who knows, maybe you will find a gold coin or two inside yours! 

Click here to get a printable version: Paddy Pocket

Before I close, I want to share something very momentous that happened to my family yesterday. My oldest child moved out of the house. Now before anyone says, "well, that happens all the time"...I want to share why that was such a huge move for all of us concerned.

Billy, my oldest - now 19, almost 20, was born with an intellectual disablity (ID - or the current politically correct term for the "r" word). Billy has certainly taught me that life really is a journey, one that never ends until, well, it ends. As with most kids, his Dad & I have worried, cried, feared, prayed, and ultimately done our best to get the world ready for him.

We knew that he would eventually move out, after all, we were the ones to put the wheels in motion towards his independence. The news came very quickly that a spot (not just any spot...but the perfect spot) had become available and could we make the move in less than 2 weeks? Physically yes...emotionally...well...

I am of course, extremely proud of him. He has grown up in a world where people throw around the "r" word to refer to something as "stupid". Billy is far from stupid. He not only functions, but thrives in a world he does not always understand and that certainly doesn't always understand him. For that, he has more than my pride, he has my respect.

Thanks for letting me share this with you. My friends tell me I will be all ready for margarita's on the deck after we get my youngest of to college next fall!

Happy Stitches,

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sew Many Tools

Happy Monday!

As shopowners, designers, and distributors are making their way home from another fun (& hopefully profitable) market - I though I would introduce another of my New Releases.

Before I go any further, I do want to thank Norden Crafts Ltd. for taking my new models and charts to show in their room. Since I was not able to make it to market this year, it was most appreciated that they allow me the opportunity to "be there" in a little more than just spirit.

 Sew Many Tools was a fun design for me to work on. Many of you know that I am not only Hands On Design, but I am Hands On Finishing too. I have done finishing work for about 12 years & I guess I'm just one of those weird people that loves to finish. (Thank Mom...she always said to finish what I started!)

I have been fortunate enough to teach quite a few finishing classes at shops, markets, and guild meetings. There are tutorials all over the internet & I have found that for every finisher out there, there is a different finishing spin on the same thing! No one right way...just lots of options.

I start a lot of my classes by saying "Finishing is Fun!" After all the eye rolls & snickers...most people find out that it really is not all that difficult.

I designed Sew Many Tools as a tutorial - something I hope to keep doing. This particular design was born out of a color combination. I loved the saturated red & green and it's really no secret that I LOVE houndstooth! (OK...maybe now it's not a secret!) The tutorial walks you through the steps to make the Tool Box, Needlecase & Pinkeep.

There is an extra chart in the pattern as well. I had originally planned to make a "Fob" and even charted it out. Well, that didn't happen, but I threw the chart in anyway for those overachievers out there (you know who you are!)

Have a great afternoon..hopefully with time spent stitching,