Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What do you do for a living?

Last week, I had to go to the bank to make some changes to my account. (Alas, I no longer "employ" people, so I no longer need certain #'s that are recquired for payroll taxes, etc...)

As I was explaining to the banker what I needed to do, the usual question came up when filling out certain forms...occupation. Now, I never know what to say exactly. Self-employed is my usual response, which always seem to invoke the "at what" reply. Now, I actually have 3 jobs which somehow all meld into one full-time occupation that is just not easily labeled.

I tend to say that I work PT in a quilt store 1st - people seem to understand that more easily. My husband thinks I tend to downplay what I do for my other 2 "jobs", so I thought I would try a different approach...

Actual conversation (well, embellished a little):

Banker: What do you do for a living?
Cathy: I am a Needlework Designer & Finisher

B: You finish needlework?
C: Yes

B: You stitch for people?
C: No, I finish needlework for people.

B: You don't stitch it for them?
C: No, I finish it for them.

B: But if you don't stitch it for them, what do you finish for them?
C: I finish the piece for know, make it into something. (Here's where I whip out my Ipad & show her some lovely photos of items I have finished. She makes appropriate positive comments)

B: OH, I get it! You make a living doing that?
C: Umm, well, you see my bank account...

C: I also work PT in a quilt store.

We fill out the forms & make the necessary corrections & as I leave, I hear the convo between cubes..."What does she do?"..."She works PT in a quilt store."

Oh to be able to just say "I'm a _______"...but then life wouldn't be nearly as much fun!

Speaking of finishing...

I decided to finish my complimentary Tulip Time into a box with a little different bow configuration. I haven't decided if I'm done embellishing for now, but I do like the bow.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook saw the rocking horse I finished last week! He was a doozy. These pretties are getting shipped back to their owner tomorrow. Lots of fun finishes!

Last time I showed off my new Market Basket and I mentioned another little goodie I purchased...

OOH - I just love it! Looks just like an Easter basket full of scissors! This talented lady makes baskets to fit vintage glass flower frogs (the good kind of frogs for needlework). No, these are not all of my scissors. Yes, I know I have a problem...& I'm grown up enough to admit it!

So many things left to say, but I have gone on long for now... til next time!

Hands On Design
Hands On Finishing


  1. Totally been through that conversation myself a time or two :-)

  2. I absolutely hate that question. Sometimes I just tell them I still an engineer. Your finishing work is always so lovely - you should be proud of that title. :-)

  3. I collect Ginger Scissors but don't display them so prettily. I use them but keep them all together so I carry around alot of scissors. Lovely finishing, by the way.

  4. Hilarious! Love the finish and scissors!

  5. I love the ornament finishes, especially the gingerbread boy and baked goods one. Nice work.