Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ladybug Picnic!

So, it was snowing last week & today it is 104. That's the fun weather in NW IA! We are getting ready for company to arrive and the graduation proceedings to begin. Lots of fun, lots of work...I will not move from my stitching chair over Memorial Day weekend, but before then...life is all about Christopher & his accomplishments.

Before I take a small "Hands Off" break from designing & finishing, I wanted to leave you a present with plenty of time to stitch it before ladybug season begins. I designed this last winter for Shelly of Just Stitching in Strongsville OH. Shelly is so much fun & although I've never been to her shop, it sounds like a great place. Each year Shelly organizes and/or participates in the Ohio Tour de Stitch shop hop. Just Stitching hosts "just stitching the day away retreats". We had a blast talking on the phone when she asked me to design this complimentary chart for her picnic themed retreat.  If you are traveling through Ohio this summer - stop in to see her!

Remember this picture...I began playing with colors based off a quilt I was working on.

That ended up being a double sided pincushion - They All Stitched at the Ladybug Picnic! Here's the front. I love stitching the checkerboard tablecloth in Smyrna Crosses over 4 threads - it's easy to tuck a pin or needle into them!

Here's the flip side! Have fun finishing with some ruched ribbon.
OK - I'm gonna try this a couple ways - I understand some folks have problems with different pdf hosting sites...once I get my website going this issue will go away. I will try to post as a photo here too. If anyone has some suggestions (nice ones only please - heehee!) for posting a chart - let me know! You are always able to email me if you have questions regarding downloading the chart. I'm still learning the ins & outs - thanks for bearing with me!
Enjoy the chart! It is my gift to you for following, liking, commenting, and encouraging as stitchers & friends. Wish me luck that I don't run out of Kleenex during the last of the band concerts, honor assemblies & graduation ceremonies!
Happy Stitches,
Hands On Design


  1. Very cute, new way to download for me but went fine. Have a great weekend with friends and family celebrating your son's accomplishments and you and your DH for getting him this far!


  2. Thank you for the wonderful chart. I cannot wait to stitch it.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful chat I have ladybug ribbon I can use on the outside of the pin cushion.

  4. Good luck to Christopher, and congrats on all of his accomplishments!
    Thank you for a cute, cute design.
    It downloaded fine.

  5. Thanks for sharing.
    Downloaded just fine.Thanks again.

  6. Thanks its cute! I am fortunate to live in Ohio and I do the Tour De Stitch every year so I have been to Shelly's shop. It is amazing!!

  7. This is so totally adorable! Thanks so much for sharing the design...so perfect for summer!

  8. Thanks for the adorable design! Oh, it wasn't that long ago that we had a graduate. Enjoy the activities and ceremonies!

  9. Cathy I use google drive to host my pdfs. I posted a tutorial on how to do this at,


    1. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. I have just started blogging and this will be very helpful if I actually get the nerve up to start being creative.

  10. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful chart. I love the colors and how cleverly you used Smyrna crosses to make the tablecloth.

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