Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

It's sunny outside, I have a cup of coffee, a view of my neighbors lovely gardens (gardening=not my forte), Wimbledon on the TV, and everyone is still asleep...this is called 'me' time!

I was going to stay off the computer today as I spent a loooong day charting & designing yesterday. My husband left for work & pretty much found me in the same place when he got home. (I did take a break to shower!)

Today I will keep it to mostly pictures. I enjoyed a great retreat at Cecilia's Samplers Summer Camp in Branson last weekend. I thought I had more pics...I sure know I posed for a lot! Here we go...

This year's theme was Summer Camp. I designed this Happy Camper piece (who wouldn't be a Happy Camper with a smore??). I taught a class to 30 willing participants. They learned about the joys of directional fabrics, sticky scissors, and twisted cord. (I also learned never to kit a class with directional fabrics again!)
I've known most of these Omaha ladies for years! Every day they wore a different blinged out t-shirt! I love getting the pic before the pic..."where should we stand?...I want to be in the back, I'm short!...take one with my camera too!..." 

Here's Tracy in front of the shop...this place is awesome...this woman is awesome! The ladies at Cecilia's all popped into retreat at different times & even delivered supplies when we didn't want to get out in the heat. Tracy (of Ink Circles) is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. She puts such thought and care into her artwork and cross-stitch designs. Our industry is much richer for having such a talented person in its midst. (she has a pretty wicked sense of humor too, which I can really relate to!)
Sorry for dark picture...these fun ladies greeted us when we got there & pretty much shut the place down every day! 

Show & Tell! Some stitchers even brought me their finishing show & tells! They made me so proud!

I love going to see all the cool gadgets we use (and find out about some new ones...loved this lamp/magnifier)
Another reason to go to your Facebook friends! I have a lot of new stalkers friends to keep in touch with!
Pam was everywhere with the camera!
Tracy & I with Margaret!
Made it back home, safe & sound. Huge thanks to the ladies of Cecilia's. To the stitchers, thanks for the chats, the sharing, the laughs, coffee...lunch...dinner, the late evening brew comparisons...and squirrel!  
For something completely different...Snowglobe Snowman! I designed this fun guy for Cindy (& her mom) of Fancimats & More. They are having a Shop Hop this month & he was in honor of her annual Snowman contest. Have you seen the pics of the entries on facebook? I wouldn't want to be the judge! (I think Cindy is making the pattern available, but you must contact her!)
That's all for now...have a fabulous 4th & stay safe!



  1. I bet that was a blast!
    Thanks for the pics.

  2. Looks like everyone had a blast. It's neat to have time away with stitcher friends.