Friday, August 9, 2013

Keep 'em all in the air!

Does your life ever feel like a juggling act? WOW - since coming back from vacation we have been doing so many things between getting Chris ready for college, Billy back to his Year 13 program, DH for big renovations at work & of course there's me!

If there is a time when you don't see much chatter on Facebook, blog lists, yahoo groups, etc from designers, that can only mean one time! No matter how much advance prep, it is always a mad dash to the much so, that this will be one of the shortest posts I ever do!

I will show you the new releases soon, but here's a sneak peak...sort of. It's more of a camera shoot gone wrong!

Photo shoot tip of the day: check your backgrounds! You can see what kind of fridge Chris got for his dorm room and stacks of essentials for every freshman! Also be aware of animals. Zeza, one of our cats, likes to photo bomb these sessions all the time (upper left corner). At one point the dog wagged her tail so hard, it got caught in the lace scarf on the table & sent all the models to the floor!

Assembling charts all weekend, yep that's what is happening in our exciting house. We really know how to live on the edge!

Have a great weekend & Happy Stitches!


  1. Just found your site and think you do a fabulous job of finishing!
    Would love to learn some finishing tips! As an avid stitcher, my finishing
    Techniques are lacking! LOL!!!