Friday, September 6, 2013

Finish It Friday!

I have had many questions about some of my finishes that I occasionally post on my Hands On Design facebook page and also here on the ol' blog, that I decided to try Finish It Friday's. Every once in awhile...on a Friday, I will post about a project that I finished with some great pics and a little explanation.

Today's project also gets you a complimentary chart! I designed this for a friend who was having a retreat. Her theme was "Come Sail Away".(My son thought that I designed a tsunami with those big waves!)

Click here to be able to print your copy of this complimentary chart: Come-Sail-Away chart

As always, if you have trouble opening this link, please email me. I know some have had problems previously...web site is almost online & those issues will go away! Yeah!

I finished this as a little walnut shell filled cushion. I sometimes prefer the crushed shell pieces over the fine powder, but both work. Here we go:

I was asked to test out some new WDW hand-dyed linen & I thought I would give the 36ct a try. It was very easy to see (thought my 32ct+ days were long gone). I played with 2 strand & 1 strand. I went with 1-strand - 2 just crowded the holes too much.
I used lightweight iron on interfacing on the back of the stitched piece and backing fabric. This keeps the walnut shells from seeping through the linen and gives it a little form! You will notice I also marked my sewing lines. 

I sewed all around leaving an opening. Friday Finishing Tip: see how I turned up and pressed the seam allowance on the front and back of the opening before I turned the piece! That really helps you get a nice smooth edge when you close with a whip stitch!

Turn and fill with walnut shells. A funnel is a handy tool, but if you don't have one...roll a piece of paper to use as a funnel. (A bonus tip!)


Here it is all closed up. We will talk about a good whip stitch another time!


I added twisted cord and TaaDaa! a lovely little small for my collection!

Enjoy the chart! Email your finishing questions...we may have a Q&A finishing session sometime...I could be like the Dr. Phil of finishing! (How's that whip stitch working for you....haha!)

Happy Weekend and Happy Stitches!



  1. So adorable! I love your style so much!

  2. Thanks so much for the great designs! And, the finishing tips are spot on~~


    1. Thank you Faye. I consider that high praise from you! Love your finishes.

  3. Cute design.
    Thanks for the design and tutorial.

  4. Cute little finish...great tutorial!

  5. What a pretty finish. I love the colors and have decided to copy the chart and put the finished piece beside my vase of sea sand and shells. Thank you so very much.

    1. I have mine next to the seashells I collected this summer!

  6. I am indeed having trouble downloading the chart Cathy. Could you email it to me? Thank you so much.

    1. Running a computer back-up now. I will send it to you on Sunday!

  7. Lovely finishing!!! Thank you for the pattern!!! :o)