Saturday, April 26, 2014

Where did April go?

That should say - Where did the months go since last August when we moved Chris into his dorm room? He will be home in 3 weeks! Year 1 down.

Big sigh.

Bill & I have spent most of our weekends since late January traveling to tennis meets to cheer on the BV Beavers Men's Tennis team. Momma's gotta' brag - Chris played the #1 position this year as a freshman. It was a tough spot to be in but he handled the responsibility very well. I'm just amazed at how he has grown & matured this past school year.

Kleenex aside - April has been hopping - Easter bunny pun intended.

On the Hands On Design front: I had 2 New Releases to kit & ship. Lots of finishing orders to catch up on & of course new designs to work on. I was thrilled to be interviewed by Sue Fenwick of the Star Stitch   You can see it at:

On the home front: we have ignored home renovation projects for some time, so in effort to get this house ready to put on the market in about 4 years...we dug in. oy!

Instead of typing, I'll let the pictures tell the story!

Kitting up chartpacks. I always underestimate how much time it takes to put these things together!

Gather Friends Close Part 2: Friends - 2nd part in the 3 part series. Chartpacks include the cotton finishing fabrics, hand-dyed rick rack (thanks eBeth!),  JABC button. Stitch 3 more cushions for your basket and the next row in your sampler.

Grandma's Garden: as you can tell from the picture above, the chartpack includes the WDW wool for finishing, hand-dyed twill tape & rick rack (thanks again eBeth!) and hand-dyed Hillcreek Designs buttons to assemble the pynpillow. I explain how I used an "oops" frame to finish the alternate version. Dedicated to my "city" grandma & my "aw-shaw" grandma.

Got a new coffee cup!

Wish I had taken a "before" pick of my son's room - red wall, dirty carpet, broken New carpet comes soon, blinds & closet doors to follow.

The same treatment for our room. I think we are going to lose the peanut butter walls. I don't think Zeza (photo bombing cat) will mind.

Fit some finishing work in too! Laura - just a few more to go & these will be heading your way!

A Throwback Easter photo - I just love this pic of my boys!
Same boys - love this pic too!
Enjoy the stitch! Cathy