Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Greetings from Home Improvementlandia

Home Improvement...2 words that strike fear into many people. Last time I talked about how we were starting back into Home Improvementlandia - a country from which we have hidden from been absent for a few years.

Normally, I can handle it - I am strong...back when we did a lot more of this type of work, I did not run a business from home! Some might say it's like a forced vacation...umm, not really. We will survive and be the better for it - in the meantime, I will share pictures!

I have passed this spot  a lot on a local highway going back & forth to my son's college - my goal by the time he graduates...get the perfect picture of this setting! 

While cleaning out some of the flower beds, we discovered that our bushes went condo with the bird nests this season. (Could we call this waterfront property once the pool is opened?)
This was my son's room, now freshly painted & ready for carpet!

Our room, ready for paint...we had yet to move the world's heaviest king size bed! I tweaked my back removing this carpeting but was saved from moving the bed by a well-timed visit from our son! 

Our the dining room! (blinds closed so neighbors didn't greet us each morning as we selected the outfit of the day!)

...and this is why I got almost no work done for a few days...hard to get in my studio when it's loaded with furniture!
Well, I did get some finishing jobs done...these are pretty easy to work on in the car as we logged drive time to the last few tennis tournaments of the season!
Carpet is now installed & we are moved back in...still things to do, but at least the house is mostly put back to order! This morning I spent some design time playing with a few stitches for a new counted canvas piece.

Under the heading "I've never done this before, but I'm willing to try" - walnut crystal staining...interesting.
Yeah!!! I have now turned in all of the months and stitched models to Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine. I am more than a little sad that my part of this series is done! I am thrilled with the positive response it has gotten.
Here are DMC colors for June & July:
June: blanc, 350, 597, 3809, 838
July: blanc, 666, 310, 3852, 312
Keep sending those pictures as you stitch yours - I love them!

Not that I am a huge Andy Warhol fan, but I ran across this & it really spoke to I'm gonna' go make some more art & have a great day!



  1. Beautiful stitching ...
    And lovely goodies..
    Sending you big hugs x

  2. Love your finishes and good luck with the house! Will be beautiful when your done....

  3. Love seeing your experimentations Cathy! Can't wait to see your finishes! Rachelle ~ The Cottage Needle :)

  4. June and July is the only two I don't have!! I can't find the magazine anywhere lol