Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's Been a Great Week!

I've got winners!

Thank you to everyone who responded to my At the Beach contest - may this summer find you at the beach - or at least at the place that makes you happy!

I had entries come in through email as well as the blog (blogger glitch...) so we put everyone's name on a piece of paper.
I had my son scramble the entries & pick 5 names! (He's used to being asked to perform the occasional odd task around the house...)
& the winners are
I know, I know - hard to read. I'll be in touch with: Howdy68, Renee, Judybob3, Marilyn, Nicolesender

As soon as we connect, I will send you my latest release - At the Beach!
It's been a awesome week for me as well. Over 8 months ago, I was contacted by the editorial staff at Just Cross Stitch to set up an interview and design a piece for the August issue.
The issue is now available and man, is that cool! I had a great interview with Vickie Jennett (of Needlework Press) and designed the Black & White Garden Pinkeep. I have been so excited to share this piece with you.
Check out my photos - but wait - there's more...I also have an ornament in the issue as part of the annual Ornament Preview section!

I shot a couple pics before I sent the model of to the editors. The message unfolds as you open up the pinkeep! 
Congrats again to the winners.
Enjoy the stitch, Cathy 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

At the Beach - Contest Time!

It's time for a New Release...and a contest!

I know it's summer & it's beach time...but I really think this one could stay up all year round. In fact, my husband asked me to stitch this one up again (this one travels in trunk shows!) so we could hang it in a bathroom we have re-done in beach style. What better time than in February when it's 5 below to really close your eyes & pretend you're at the beach!!

Lots of bright shades in this one, little fishes in the seaweed, and a friendly whale. So much fun!

Contest time! Do you notice the little quilt block ornament in the picture? I occasionally put these designs into a chart. Designed with the chart's colors - I'm trying to build a collection of these to adorn a tree.

Leave a message here on my blog with the Chart Title of one OTHER chart (not this one!) that has a little quilt ornament in it & I will randomly select several winners to receive this chart! (need help - go to my website at Another hint: there are 3 other charts with one...any one will do!

Contest closes Sunday at midnight (6/8/14) & I will select Monday morning & post the winners.

Enjoy the Stitch (at the beach),