Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August Ramblings in a Pre-Market Haze

Early tomorrow morning, the car gets packed up as if I was filling a dorm the gills! But...I'm not heading to college...I'm heading to market.

Last Sunday night, I was sitting in the deck with DH and I said "you know, a week from now, it will all be over!". 6 months of work and all done! At first I was kind of sad, then I got happy, because it means I get back to the part that is most fun...designing. 

This year's market comes at an appropriate time...I unleash 6 of my designs on the "world" at the same time as I let my 2 masterpieces go into the world: one heading back for his final year of his Life Skills/Year 13 program and the other to his Sophomore year in college.

It is 2 years since I started Hands On Design and it has been a very satisfying journey so far. I have met some fantastic people, had some wonderful opportunities in this industry, and have loved challenging myself to push boundaries. Ok, we are not talking brain surgery here, but it does make me happy!

If you follow me on Instagram or facebook, you might have thought "what was with the #30days?". For 30 days, I took a picture of something in my life, a picture I took that day. The pictures are a memory of a thought, experience, or a joy that was in my life and something to focus on...the blessings in my life. Some days were more of a struggle than others, but it did kind of force me to look for the positive! Try it for yourself!

Time to pour another cup of coffee and tick off the final items on the "to-do" list. Find a copy of the newest Just Cross Stitch issue. "Give thanks for this day" is featured on page 12. The colors grab you, the finish is easy and fun, and the sentiment is spot on!

Enjoy the stitch!


  1. Love it all :) You are truly gifted and have a very unique style that stands out from the rest. I can look at one of your designs and know right away that it's yours. That makes your work special.

  2. Very nice.
    I also saw your market peeks.
    All great designs!

  3. Where can I purchase a basket like the one you used?

  4. Cathy, do you happen to have a sku number for that basket? I am on a mission to find it. Thank you.

    Amy Varnell-Miller

  5. Also are you taking on new clients for finishing?

    Amy Varnell-Miller