Thursday, August 21, 2014

Home Again, Home Again...

I'm so confused as to what day it is! We drove home from St. Charles Needlework Market on Monday & it's already, where is this week going & could we skip Monday every week???

Before I get into Market "things" is my tribute to #TBT. I don't have many pics of myself as a kid (youngest of 3 here - they were tired), but I always love this one. I am about 3 here...I look terrified of that snowman!
Enough of the memories...on to market! I don't care how many times you have gone to market as either a vendor or a shopper (& I've done both!), it is always a good time. Now I don't get to do as much shopping as I did when I had my shop, but I managed to sneak out Sunday afternoon.
I am looking forward to having my winter cup-of-soup lunch in this mug. I have been wanting one of these & I finally snagged one! (I also have the t-shirts to match) 
I picked up some other goodies as well. Some will work their way into a future design & others are just for me!!

I had 6 New Releases for Market a large number of them went home with shopowners - yay!
 I want to introduce Indigo Star first. I had several influences during the design process. I had purchased a grouping of hand-dyed indigo quilting cottons and spent some time "playing" with them...that's how the 5-pointed star took shape. Next, I was shooting some pictures for a website...some new Polish Pottery pieces. I stopped taking the pictures to examine the beautiful see what happened here. (I have told you before, there is always a story behind every just happens that way!)
I was thrilled when a shopowner told me that she showed my design photo to a Polish Pottery dealer and they agreed that they could really see the influence!! Very cool.
Here is the cover shot & a few extra close-ups of the hand-painted/stenciled box.
There are step-by-step directions to make the cross-stitch 5-pointed star pincushion. The fun part is that it is really not that hard to construct! (I promise!) 

Close ups of the box - I started with a good old paper mache' box - several layers of paint, a stencil, then a lot of elbow grease with sandpaper! (better directions are in the chart!) 

There is a secret 3rd pattern included in the chart. You get the template for the 5-pointed star and directions to make these basic but adorable wool star pincushions. Stack them and adorn them with buttons, charms, all kinds of cool stuff. (I went for a simple twine look.)

Have a great weekend. I am getting to the end of my post market to-do list just in time to help move my baby back into his dorm room this weekend. It has been a different summer with just plain weird weather, lots of work & deadlines, but good having him home for a few months. He is excited to head back & how can I be anything else but happy for him!
Enjoy the stitch!


  1. Thanks so much for taking 2 hours out of your day to chat with us. THat was a little longer window then I expected. Love all of your designs and I am soooooo happy that everything is working out for you.

    1. It was wonderful to get to visit with you and June!

  2. Aww such a sweet post..
    The mug is so beautiful and I love your designs so much..
    Sweet hugs xx

  3. Very cool design.
    Congrats on your sales at market.

  4. This was one of the very few things that I was enticed by during Market previews. It should be winging its way to me very soon. You had me at blue!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Robin in Virginia