Thursday, September 18, 2014

The end of the Celebration!

The November issue of Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine is out and with it comes the final two pieces of my Year of Celebrations series.

I have said before that my actual participation - designing & stitching - has been done for awhile, but I have enjoyed the pictures & emails that I have been receiving from stitchers. It is still the coolest thing for me to see that someone has stitched one of my designs!

Here are the DMC conversions for October & November! (pics first - I don't have my magazine yet, so I snapped these before I shipped them off to the publisher).

October: 3823, 553, 922, 317, 310, 703, b5200, 415
November: 310, 435, 898, 729, 3865, 987, 3808
Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine has been wonderful to work with on this project. I won't be going away from the magazine as the next issue starts right up again with my contribution to this year's "motifs" column.
Some quick updates will be coming soon to announce the whirlwind of activity & travels that will be starting soon! It all kicks off in a few weeks with Celebration of Needlework in St. Charles, MO - October 9-11. Keep in touch for upcoming information - the elves are busily working behind the scenes arranging things!
Here's another one of my Fall releases: Blissfully Unaware
I had these hands charted forever, just waiting for the perfect companion! It was so funny to watch shopowner reactions at market as they carefully read it & then it dawned on them what it was saying!! Priceless. Stitched on 32ct Hocus Pocus linen from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie!

Gotta' end it here as we are taking off today to cheer my youngest on at the IIAC Men's Individual Conference play. He is number 1 again on this year's tennis team & we always enjoy watching him & his teammates play. I will be bagging little buttons on the car ride over...can't waste any time!
Enjoy the stitch,


  1. Blissfully Unaware is too funny, love it!
    Best of luck to you son.

  2. love the spppoookkilly unaware hehehehe ... hope you don't drop any buttons and good luck to DS :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. Can't wait for the new issue to come out. Just finishing up September. These have been so fun to stitch - only started in June so that should tell you how addicted I am to them. I'm giving these to my sister for Christmas but thinking I will need to do another set for me. Looking forward to more of your designs.