Friday, October 3, 2014

Finish It Friday - the 5 pointed star

I made some updates to the website today ( Most notably I made some changes to the "now appearing" page. Of course I am excited about my upcoming travels to Celebrations, PALS Stitching at the Beach retreat & the Trail of Orts Tour, but I've got some fun happenings already lined up for 2015!

Of course, I will be at the Nashville Needlework Show in late February, but March & April I get to do what I love...go to retreats, meet stitchers & teach!

March 2015, I will be in residence at Camp Stitch-a-lot hosted by Deb of Stitches 'n Things. I've got a fun project in the works for that - pre-stitching will head out Decemberish (yes, that's a real month).

April, I head a little more south to Wichita where I will spend the time with Debbie & the crew from Heart's Desire for her Camp. More classes there & I get to (hopefully) reunite with some stitchers that I haven't seen in years - former customers of mine that have moved south.

Please contact the shops or check out their websites for sign-ups & registrations. I will post more info with links later. I think I need a new suitcase??
Just thought I would share a quick pic of my ornament from this year's Just Cross Stitch Ornament magazine. Snowflake House pairs with Garland House that was in the Preview issue & Wreath House that was released at market. Stitch alone or as the Home for the Holidays neighborhood (border included with Wreath House).
Now for the finishing. I had several emails about the 5-pointed star in Indigo Star. Directions are included, but we are a visual sort - so here are some pics that hopefully will help.

Stitch your 5 little panels - you are given 8 to choose from in the pattern.

Once stitched, iron on a piece of lightweight fusible interfacing to the back side. You will notice that my corners are not fused. I find it helps to decrease the bulk in the corners and that is outside the 1/4" sewing line. Anything that "matters" will be fused.
You will trace the pattern onto the back of the sewing (pattern is included in the chart). 1/4" seam allowance is included. The flat tip points to the outside of the star, so take that into account when you are laying out which of the pattern panels you stitch & how you place them in your layout.

Here's the part that freaks everyone out! Using a ruler & rotary cutter, cut along the lines of the pattern you traced. You got that are cutting through your stitching! 
Take a deep will be OK.

Lay the panels out in the order you would like them to finish - flat points to the outside. Take 2 panels, right sides together, and sew 1/4" starting from the outside edge & ending 1/4" before you get to the other edge. This will help as you work you way around the 5 points. Press the seam open & the add on the next until you have completed the star.
I sewed mine pillow fashion with Weeks Dye Works wool on the back. Leave a small opening, clip corners (both inside & out), turn, fill with ground walnuts shells (lizard litter) and close up. I used a vintage button in the middle.
I hope this helps add a visual to the written words in the pattern. It takes a little patience, but you get something really cool in the end.
I am creating a way for you to access my Finish it Friday posts easily for later reference. I am trying not to put them out as pdf's - it is just too easy to copy & claim. Imitation is a form of flattery, but sometimes it is just a plain rip-off. (long story for another day...). I like to de-mystify finishing for you - it just takes a little patience and practice.
I hope you have a great weekend. The weathermen are calling for a hard freeze here tonight & this time, I think it will happen. I look forward to some stitching, some working (packing to leave for Celebrations) & best of all - celebrating my oldest "baby" turning 21! Wow - when did that happen?
Enjoy the stitch!

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  1. I just found your beautifull blog via facebooks "Sampler Lovers" group!!The first colourfull ornament is so "my style"2 I love everything pretty,romntic vintage or country style!! The star finishing is just amazing :) I ask You excuse me my funny english and the bad grammar ! With the best greetings Maija from Finland :)