Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bye Bye September...

October isn't going to stick around long either at this rate!

Our house has once again turned into a factory of charts, kits, boxes, trunk shows, new releases, and finishing jobs! The dog is already nervous because she knows what those stacks of boxes means!

Next Wednesday I leave on a fun journey! All the hard work of these past few months since market will be literally rolled out over the southeast portion of the country! More about that in a minute, first, a fun Halloween pic - I recruited my hubby to help me decorate for fall in early September, it was then or never and today with the rainy, dreary day, I turned the lights on my Halloween tree and I'm enjoying the atmosphere!

Back to business! I am heading to St. Charles, MO to participate in the Celebrations of Needlework show. It kicks off a week from Thursday. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of stitchers and sharing my newest designs. I'm bringing a basket for the Breast Cancer Awareness auction and 4 different trunk shows: (Designs by Lisa fobs, Hands Dyed Linens by Stephanie, sewmuch2luv bags by Karen, and hand dyed trims From the Cauldron/Dames of the Needle by Elizabeth)
 Once Celebrations is complete, I head towards the PALS Stitching Retreat in Myrtle Beach. This won't be a simple Point A to Point B drive. Tracy Horner from Ink Circles & I have cooked up a fun journey.
What do you get when you ask an engineer to figure out the best driving route between 2 cities encompassing the most number of needlework shops?? You get the Trail of Orts Tour - coming to a city (hopefully) near you! See the poster below! If you can't make the tour - follow us on FB & Twitter with #trailofortstour.
This will be my 2nd year at the PALS retreat. I'm looking forward to catching up with stitchers I met last year that I keep in touch with on FB and meeting a whole bunch of new attendees.
In preparation, I was updating my Square register (the little credit card thingy) - last year when I was at PALS, I had 7 designs in my catalog. I now have over 27 (plus a whole lot more if you count the magazine designs!) The "number-crunching" part of me is really excited about that. Once again, I will be bringing some extra goodies to tempt stitchers (can you say PALS Retreat design?). 
It will be a 2 day drive home, and a quick laundry turn-around and I'm off once again. This time I am Houston bound where I get to be an honorary buttoneer with the wonderful ladies of Just Another Button Co. at Houston Quilt Market. I went last year and it was a terrific experience from set-up to tear-down and all in between. I got so much design inspiration when I was there - that's where I first saw that wonderful fabric I purchased for the Gather Friends Close series! Who knows what I will see this year!
Gotta' run & assemble more kits! I hope to have a Finish it Friday post this week - I've had several questions about the finishing of the 5-pointed star pincushion so I thought I would do a tutorial.
Catch ya' next month (haha!)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The end of the Celebration!

The November issue of Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine is out and with it comes the final two pieces of my Year of Celebrations series.

I have said before that my actual participation - designing & stitching - has been done for awhile, but I have enjoyed the pictures & emails that I have been receiving from stitchers. It is still the coolest thing for me to see that someone has stitched one of my designs!

Here are the DMC conversions for October & November! (pics first - I don't have my magazine yet, so I snapped these before I shipped them off to the publisher).

October: 3823, 553, 922, 317, 310, 703, b5200, 415
November: 310, 435, 898, 729, 3865, 987, 3808
Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine has been wonderful to work with on this project. I won't be going away from the magazine as the next issue starts right up again with my contribution to this year's "motifs" column.
Some quick updates will be coming soon to announce the whirlwind of activity & travels that will be starting soon! It all kicks off in a few weeks with Celebration of Needlework in St. Charles, MO - October 9-11. Keep in touch for upcoming information - the elves are busily working behind the scenes arranging things!
Here's another one of my Fall releases: Blissfully Unaware
I had these hands charted forever, just waiting for the perfect companion! It was so funny to watch shopowner reactions at market as they carefully read it & then it dawned on them what it was saying!! Priceless. Stitched on 32ct Hocus Pocus linen from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie!

Gotta' end it here as we are taking off today to cheer my youngest on at the IIAC Men's Individual Conference play. He is number 1 again on this year's tennis team & we always enjoy watching him & his teammates play. I will be bagging little buttons on the car ride over...can't waste any time!
Enjoy the stitch,

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

So many kids around the country head back to school tomorrow, but here in the Midwest, in homage to harvest season, our local kids have been back for several weeks now. The big yellow busses have been dieseling their way through the neighborhood and when the wind blows the right way, I hear the horn section of the marching band at early morning practice (retired band mom here). Leaves are even starting to turn.

I know it has to come and I know what the Farmer's Almanac is saying about this coming winter, but this Fall is even more bittersweet as our Pastor for nearly 17 years is moving on to his next call. All 4 of us have gotten to know him over the years as my husband served on Council, we have both taught Sunday School & Confirmation, & the kids studied through confirmation classes.

In 2011, I read his letter in our monthly newsletter & was so taken with something he wrote, that I wrote it down. I even e-mailed it to myself so that I would not lose it! Long story short, with his permission, I used his words to create the Everyday Sampler. (New Release at this past St. Charles market)

The large sampler created itself one Saturday morning. I had been hemming & hawing about how to start it, and as my husband left for work, I sat down at the computer to put on the screen what I had drawn in my notepad. Amazingly, by the time he came home, I had the basic framework & details started to fly.

The idea for the smaller banner sampler was purely selfish. I knew I wanted to stitch the sampler, but time would not permit...same sentiment, same rich colors.
Here is Pastor Al with my youngest on his confirmation. Yes, I'm being one of "those" mom's putting this pic out there. Our family wishes him well as he moves on to the next chapter of his life & call.
A quick side note: I had the funniest thing happen not too long ago on FB. I reconnected with a friend I had worked with over 23 years ago. It was a PT job for me at our LNS until I could find my "real" job. After I left, we saw each other once or twice. Now, many states away, we have once again become "friends" and are realizing how both of us have continued very much in the industry in which we first met. Funny how this is my "real" job now.
It's a little early for #TBT but I came across this photo on FB - days back in the college years! 
This was during my freshman year & my future husband is in that picture somewhere!
Enjoy your Labor Day & thanks to all of those that Labor today.
Enjoy the Stitch!