Thursday, January 29, 2015

Want to come to my Board Meeting?

I started this blog several years ago as a way to create a diary or history of what happens not only with my design company as it grows, but my family as they grow and move about their lives. My boys are (almost) 20 and 21 now & really there are times when I forget little things...time really does fly!

Our youngest had the opportunity to travel to Japan this month as part of his J-term -a one month intensive course of study before his 2nd semester of his sophomore year. (Yes, I said sophomore year!) He enjoyed himself immensely as he got to experience the culture & lifestyle of Japan. I'm pretty sure a return trip is in his plans somewhere.

He brought us several lovely gifts - even items from his host family. I'm enjoying my new mug and the many different flavors of Kit Kat bars - orange, green tea, wasabi to name a few.
I was excited to see how the experience affected him. We live in a small town and this was really his first experience with very large cities and travel without us. He hasn't stopped smiling about it - except for maybe the jetlag.

January was also the month of the car... :( When everyone drives an older vehicle, you hold your breath & hope the duct tape sticks. We took my son's car in while he was away...yikes. Our oldest car developed a cracked block...double yikes. I have the luxury of having a winter car (we live in IA at the top of a hill) and a summer car (better on mpg). It was like auto Jenga, but we traded one in, sold one, fixed another, and bought a new one! Heavy sigh.
At the beginning I asked if you would like to come to our board meeting. Our dining room has been turned into a mini board painting, sanding, & staining sweatshop. (We were blessed with a few warm days so the sanding & staining moved to the garage.)
Just a small stack of finishing boards for "a year in chalk".
These racks are leftover from the shop - imagine them filled with yarn! We almost threw them out in the last "let's get the garage organized" binge. Hubby assembled these one Sunday afternoon - he's the best.
This was his grand plan. I'd say it worked pretty well to allow the finishing boards for the chalkboard series to dry. The dining room...aren't you supposed to eat there?
As you can see, it's never really a dull moment here...seriously, I could use a dull moment every once in awhile.
Market prep continues & I shall have more updates from the board meeting soon!
Enjoy the Stitch,



  1. I will be stitching your "A Year in Chalk" series. I really think it is really a great project. Good luck with all of your boards. Two of them will be mine!

  2. Your mug is cool.
    The Kit-Kats sound interesting.
    Glad your son got to go to Japan, I'm sure he has some great memories.
    That's a lot of boards!
    You've been busy.
    Looking forward to more updates and market releases.

  3. Love the peek at the boards in progress! I'm almost done with the January piece for the chalkboard series and have already placed my order for one of the boards with the shop from whom I'm getting the auto-ship for the series. Can't wait to receive it after market!

  4. I'm halfway through the January piece and loving every minute of it. The last I looked my online shop didn't have the board available yet, but I keep checking.