Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mother Nature must Cross-stitch!

From what I understand, we were, mostly, all able to scoot in & out of Nashville last weekend - sandwiched in between ice storm and snow storm weekends! Thank goodness we were able to load up the vehicle - relying mostly on side view mirrors for the 13 hour drive.

Once we got it unloaded, there was the huge task of setting up - taking an otherwise normal looking hotel room and transporting it into a salesroom. I've got some photos to share & information about new releases and series. I will share those over the next few weeks as we unwind from the activities & prepare for the quick turnaround of "what's next'!

a year in chalk...have you heard of it?? Jan & Feb released in January & we came loaded with March & April! I actually showed all 12 - I didn't allow pictures of the future releases so your shopowner can tease you & say they've seen them all! (yes, you can zoom in & try to guess!)
[square.ology] - a collaboration with the fantastic ladies of JABC! The first series [bloom] was available at market with the next 2 series on display. [ahoy] and [whimsy]
Always hard to get a good market room picture- but here you see my market exclusive "Oh Bee Hive" just as you walk in the door.
My front table included some of my best sellers but you can spy "Stitch Every Day" in there as well. Funny - we sold a lot of At The Beach! Do you think it's because of the wonderful winter we've had?
We spent Thursday night pulling autos & pre-orders! By Sunday afternoon all the pink bags were gone!!
The hotel was very busy with other events going on. I was sad to learn this was not a giveaway for the Needlework Market. I would have gladly shipped everything back in order to drive this home!!
We had shops sign our door throughout the weekend - the only part I didn't think through...having shopowners get down on the floor to sign the bottom of the banner. A few brave ones did.
I have always loved getting the "walking away" shot of my boys through the years. No posing, no forced smile (aww mom). Tennis season has begun for our youngest. We love traveling to his meets.
It has not only been a learning process for him, but me as well. I didn't play sports much in school so this was new to me...practices, playing, learning, strategizing. While he has logged hours on court, I have logged hours on the bench (thank goodness for those comfy folding chairs we take everywhere).
Sophomore year and he is, once again, playing in the #1 position on his team. Each year I am impressed with how he continues to improve & how he uses his tennis skills on & off the court. (Insert all of the proud mom thoughts I could verbalize here - thoughts I'm sure could be shared by many parents!)
More to come about all that's new...
Enjoy the stitch,



  1. Great meeting you! Love your year in chalk...what a great idea! Sent a picture of the car to the hubs and told him I bought it with my profits...he was disappointed when I came home without!!! ~*

  2. Glad everyone made it there and back safely in spite of all the bad weather.
    Year In Chalk is very clever and unique.
    Wonder how fast that car can go? ;)
    Glad your son is doing so well in Tennis.

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful Market weekend! I like your Year in Chalk sign on your door. Best wishes to your son on a successful season of tennis.

    Robin in Virginia