Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dear MapQuest...

I started out on a little journey last week to teach at Heart's Desire Camp 2015! Armed with MapQuest, GPS & my good friend Lorna...we somehow made a wrong turn when modern technology told us to turn on Highway 73...instead of the very well-marked Highway 75...sometimes a good old Atlas is the best reference!
Never fear - we found an alternate route - saw some lovely scenery...& these little big guys! 
Apparently word got out that I sometimes walk away with a pen...or maybe even a coffee cup...so Debbie of Heart's Desire set me up with my own!
Think I will do more of what makes me happy!
I will let the pictures do most of the talking about my terrific retreat weekend!
The theme was May Day! Here is the class project: the ort basket was pre-stitched & finished in class. Stitchers got a surprise with the matching tuffet to fill their basket. The saying is "A tisket A tasket, orts to fill my basket".
Debbie (in green) is doing her part to teach the next generation. Here she is helping the camp director to stitch her very first piece...she jumped right into linen!
Stitchers & stash - the 2 just go together. I always love to see what tools stitchers bring to camp!

I meet the friendliest people! Polly was showing me her book dedicated to Hands On Design charts! Hard to not get a big head around this group!

I meant to catch her happy dance on video when she got the final beads on this piece!
Friday morning I got to visit Marilyn at Picture This Plus in nearby Abilene. She has a bookstore on the main level & her shop & dying area in the lower level.

I got the grand tour of the dying studio but I really drooled over these rolls of linen...yes, I said rolls of linen. Trust me, I checked to see how heavy one was (in case I could hoist it over my shoulder & make a run for it!) - nothing doin'.

Those unsized rolls of white turn into this!
Saturday was class day!

They were all excellent students!

We were a well fed group - Cinnamon Roll break in the morning & a cookie break in the afternoon..all on top of 3 squares a day! (btw - I had her permission to take & post this photo!)
Time for group photos! Some (but not all) of the completed class projects!

Last year's Camp had a Love My Stitching theme - they worked on my chart of the same name & attached them to pre-made bags - even got a little tuffet designed by me!
Highlight of the weekend - I had a mini-reunion with these two lovely ladies! They used to travel north each year & visit my shop. I still do finishing for them both, but spending time together sure beats email!  
 A lovely sentiment for all stitchers, but even more so when your shop name is Heart's Desire! (this was a ltd edtn kit I made for this retreat)
A huge thanks to Debbie & the gals from the shop & of course all the Camp attendees. It was such a fun time...I'm still recovering!
I'm home for a little bit with massive deadlines for upcoming releases & classes.
While I was gone, Bill & Billy traveled to watch Chris & his team play. These were must win meets to make the post season play & they did not disappoint. I am looking forward to watching them finish out the season & then travel to State Special Olympics competition for Billy's Soccer team!
Love these guys!
Thanks for following my journey & enjoy the stitch!




  1. As usual Heart's Desire camp is just wonderful!! Cathy, we had lots of fun and loved enhancing our stash supply with your designs!!

  2. What a great way to spend a weekend. We don't really have these retreats in England so it's always fun to read about them.
    Love the little ORTS basket.

  3. Sorry you took a wrong turn, but you got to see Minions!
    That looks like it was a great time.
    The little basket is too cute, will you be releasing the design for sale?
    The special Heart's Desire piece is very pretty also.
    All of that dyed fabric looks delicious! lol
    Hope the boys do well in sports.

  4. What a wonderful weekend you and everyone had! Stitching retreats/weekends are one of the best ways to spend time. I really like the Hay Minions' picture you shared.

    Robin in Virginia

  5. Looks like loads of fun was had by EVERYONE! And I am with Robin--love the Minions! What fun!

  6. I had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed meeting you Cathy. Loved your designs and learning how to finish them.
    Looking forward to camp next year!
    Kathy in Kansas

  7. Loved the fabric used for the red project bags with your design. Very nice! Is it available or do you sell the bags?

  8. Loving your blog, Cathy...great seeing your newest stuff. (Kathy from We, of the Needle)