Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Garden Duet

I always showcase my newest releases on my facebook pages, but I like to give you "the background story" here as well.

Garden Duet is the 3rd release in what has become known as the "Penny Pillow" series.

It all started last fall with Twice Blessed. I had been carrying that white swirly pumpkin around in my head like...forever! (said in my best Valley Girl voice). I was so pleased when the design turned out exactly like my vision & then...shops called and said - "what's next"?   oy!

Winter Solstice evolved easily as we were embarking on another cold NW Iowa winter. I also happen to love little saltbox houses (I don't know why I don't design more with houses...I used to draw them all the time as a girl).

Designs all start out in different ways. With Garden Duet, I struggled with the inspirational words. I had just about settled on Harmony & Prosperity but found I couldn't make "Prosperity" fit in the allotted space...sigh. As I auditioned new words, a good friend said "oh I love Harmony & Prosperity, it's one of my personal mottoes. If you live in Harmony, you will have Prosperity!"

Well, that was that...I was going to make Prosperity fit into the space any way I could! (I think it worked.)
Here is the whole line-up of Penny Pillows!

A closer peek at Garden Duet. Each chart in the series includes the woolfelt pennies to make the border. I have designed each one of these on 32ct Hand-Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie. I think she interpreted my color needs perfectly for these pieces.
What's next?...a summer penny pillow of course!
Enjoy the stitch!


  1. Love them all--going on my list!

  2. They are all too cute.
    Thanks for sharing the story about them.
    Can't wait to see Summer.

  3. I like reading the stories on how they came into being! Thank you for sharing!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. They are all so pretty! Charming story.

  5. They are all so pretty! Charming story.

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