Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May: Sleep is Optional!

May is a welcome month...nicer weather, no coats, later sunsets! It is also a busy time... graduations, graduation parties, sports activities, moving your children...oh yes, New Releases too & prepping for Fall retreats & classes. It's a very good thing I LOVE my job!

A quick update here:

I've got a number of charts releasing this Friday- showcased in the Hoffman Distributing celebration for their 30 years in business. The next 2 from a year in chalk series will be available next week - that's July & August, but first I would like to show you Seas the Day!

Stitched on 32ct Toasted Almond from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie. I am dedicating this piece to my "beach Mom" - you know when you grow up going to the beach each summer with other families - you sort of adopt each other. I thought about her a lot during the designing stage & some of those great memories being a relatively carefree kid at the beach.

I also included another of those quilted ornaments - I have to put one in a chart every once in awhile!
On the home front, it's been a pretty typical May as well. Billy, our oldest graduated from his post High School program! He got to walk at ceremonies 3 years ago, but finally got the "piece of paper" to prove it! I caught him examining his diploma with pride several times when he thought I wasn't looking.
A few days later we traveled to Special Olympics State Track & Field where we watched him earn Bronze medals in Soccer and the 400m race.
Our other son came & went several times as he prepared to start his summer internship. This is the 1st summer he won't be back home with us...very weird. That's all I can say. (sniff, sniff)
I was able to snap a quick pic when we actually got them in the same room for dinner!

It's easy to say that I am proud of them and the men they are becoming. I also have a great respect for both of them & the choices they have made and continue to make every day.

While we were at the Track & Field events, we had an opportunity to pay a visit to the home of Yarn Tree & the Needlework Retailer. I dropped off an order (hey, I saved the postage!) and posed with Megan & Beth. I think they were afraid that I wouldn't be impressed with their me, I was. A warehouse full of cross-stitch & needlework supplies...ummm, yes! Designers & shopowners are familiar with Yarn Tree, but for stitchers, this is one of the distributors that supply fabrics, threads & accessories galore to your favorite shops!
Well I need to go Seas the should too!
Enjoy the Stitch,