Saturday, June 6, 2015

An Afternoon Among Friends

For someone who is very "in tune" with color...I was apparently in an all "red" mood when I ordered this year's plants. It's been an odd Spring weather-wise, so some blooms are struggling. This group seemed to be bouncing back in this morning's early humidity.
I retreated back inside to grab toast & coffee, turn the Ladies French Open final on and share my fun yesterday.
I traveled about 90 miles south of my home yesterday to teach at "For the Love of Stitching" in Omaha, NE. I've known Judi for years - we were shopowners at the same time, often "talking shop" & comparing notes. She has always been a big supporter of my design work - she was the 1st shop to say "put me on automatic" which, to a designer, is wonderful!  
While classes are fun, they are a lot of work (it helps me to think about how I would feel as a student, getting the benefit of those hours of design & prep.) For me, it's always satisfying packing the kits up just before class! 
"Oh My Buttons" was the class I designed & taught. I told the students, this was the perfect combination of things I love...buttons, wool, ribbon, and pincushions!
It sounds corny, but the best thing I get out of these classes, is the camaraderie among stitchers. This day was special because I met up with some students/friends that I hadn't seen in years. We exchanged "where are the kids now" stories. I got to see a daughter present her Mom (a quilter) with a stitched piece that happened to be my "Under a Quilt" design.

I was having so much fun, I forgot to take a group photo - I swear I need to hire a photographer for these events! (can you hear me now?...Oh intern!) haha!
I usually get asked - will you release the pattern? Yes, I will, but I will wait approximately a year. When I design for a retreat, I like to feel I'm doing something extra special for the students that are coming to take my class (& putting up with my weird sense of humor!!) Give Judi a call, she may have 1 or 2 of the kits left!
Well on to the tasks of the day - the landscapers showed up yesterday while I was gone (of course) and took care of a few small projects. If the rain holds, I can finish my part of it all. In the meantime...
Enjoy the stitch,


  1. It sounds like a fun gathering. Whether there is a class or not involved, getting together with stitchers is the best. Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Pretty red flowers.
    Another very cute project.
    Looks like a fun time was had by all.

  3. Looks like a very lovely fun time...
    Sweetest project my dear
    Hugs x