Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Floraison where you are planted...

I don't do many complimentary charts - most of you know to grab my annual "gift" for my husband. Other than that, I keep mostly busy working on all of the projects going on in my head (you know that joke about a woman's mind & 2,478 browsing tabs open in her brain? - yep...that's me)

Anyway, one of my distributors was in a bind, so I obliged. I wanted to design some sweet little flowers, but feel like the word "bloom" has been done & done (hey, I've used it several times myself!). So "floraison" it is...bloom, blooming, I never did get a true English to French connection, but was assured I was design appropriate.

So here it is! You can find it by going to the Wichelt website & viewing the June newsletter (you might have to "sign up").

Quick to stitch, easy to customize colors, plenty of finishing options.

A short one for today. We are busy in the shipping department - it takes over on weeks when we have new charts going out & of course the newest chalk is shipping!
Enjoy the stitch,