Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Fun Summer 2015"

Last summer was...well, not fun. Bill & I worked and worked and the next thing we was September! So. Not. Happening. This. Year.

To kick-off "Fun Summer 2015" we went "on the hunt" last weekend at Junk-Stock (think Wood Stock, but with Junk)

It was so much fun!

I kind of went with a list of certain things I was looking for & I did manage to score a few bargains. I tried to remember to snap pictures along the way:

Junk Stock is held in a huge field (in Omaha, NE) & it's been a rainy Spring! Mud boots were a plus!

"One Man's Junk"...the theme of the day!

Which way do we go? Arrows everywhere. The turquoise one came home with me for a friend!
Fun displays & booths!

Oh, I bought some goodies here!
Keeping up our strength - the pork was great - the sauce was AWESOME!

Now I feel really old. I had a Wee Wagon when I was little (& could actually fit my butt into it!) It's still in my garage & now I see one where they sell...vintage. :(

Bought something you can't lift? They have JunkHunks roaming around to help you load it in the car!
A few of my treasures!

We got home just in time to run back out the door to watch Chris play in the Fremont Open finals. 2nd place & a cool trophy.
It was back to work this week prepping to release "flutterby garden" - my Ltd Edtn Summer 2015 chartpack. We ship to shops next Tuesday, so be sure to ask at your favorite LNS. (Chartpack includes finishing cottons, woolfelt flutterbys, & bakers twine)

I would have to say the kick-off of "Fun Summer 2015" was a success!

Enjoy the stitch,


  1. Love your finds--especially the spools. That is my favorite size to collect! What fun!