Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Back to the basement for me!

Long story or short?? How about the highly edited version!
17+ years ago I opened my needlework shop. After a difficult search looking for affordable, convenient & not falling down commercial space, I dipped my toes into the retail my basement.
At the time, we lived in a house with a separate entrance so customers didn't have to traipse through my home. It was a great way to build a good foundation of inventory, business contacts, and customers. 3 years later, we moved to a small building (think Cat's Meow type building for those of you who know what that is!) and not quite a year later we moved again, upping 450sq ft to 2100sq ft!
Each time we moved, I learned what was necessary in my work space. Fast forward when I closed my shop after 9 years when kid's activities took over, I created a finishing studio (different home now) in our basement.
As CherryWood Designs began, I kept the supplies & inventory at my home (basement again), but we designed out of a coffee shop, so it all still worked. Around that time, I graduated to an upstairs studio - I felt like I had been invited to the grown-ups table!
Going solo as Hands On, I was once again FT out of my home but started to discover that I no longer "fit" in the smallest room in the house (not including bathrooms of course!). Designing took place in the kitchen - not good for the diet. Shipping took place in the dining room - not good for family togetherness. Finishing took place in a room I could barely move around in - not good for my sanity.
After one of those "what if" type of conversations (my husband loves those) - I decided to take over the downstairs game room...yup, back to the basement!
Contractors, cabinets & countertops (new lighting too) - Hands On Design has a new, much more efficient home!

Cecile & Rachel of Just Another Button Company made this for me to celebrate the new digs! They are correct, this is my happy place!
A very cleaned up version of what it looked like when we started (this place saw lots of Legos, train tracks & video games!)

All cleaned out!

Day 1 progress! (Dan is my favorite contractor - we have done many projects together over the last 15 years!)

Woo hoo!

Billy helped me move all the "stuff" in!

Counter space for shipping, cabinets for all sorts of supplies...

and a nice nook for designing & stitching!

The cats are still trying to figure out the new place - I'll have to get a bigger computer screen if Whisker doesn't stop visiting me like this!
Well, I'd better get back to work & show just how efficient I can be!
Enjoy the Stitch!


  1. What a fabulous design/stitching studio you have created from your basement! Love all your cabinet/countertop space.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. So happy for you deserve a big beautiful place!

  3. Glad you have your own spot again.
    Happy designing!

  4. Oh Cathy!!!! How exciting for you!!!!! I would L-O-V-E to have a wonderful space like that~ I'm in our basement also after graduating out of a spare bedroom... Your space looks great with the white cabinetry .... It really lightens up the space.. I'm using all recycled dressers and desks at the moment.. And, it works fine but is just dark and smaller feeling.... I look forward to seeing your beautiful creations coming out of your fantastic new work space~

  5. What a wonderful place to spend your time, it is so organized and comfy...I am so looking forward to your new designs coming out. I'm enjoying all the months in chalk.

  6. Your redesigned space looks great! I love that you still made room for your cozy nook. :)

  7. Cathy! Your Happy Place is wonderful!!!!! There appears to be enough room for Happy Dances, too!!!!! :-)

  8. What a great space! We do not have a basement, or it might possibly be mine!

  9. How wonderful Cathy - you're going to spend many happy hours here. blessings, marlene

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