Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like... season!

I have been waiting 'patiently' to redo some parts of our house and since it would be just the 4 of us this year, I bought into the whole 'even if I have to set up a Christmas tree on subfloor' school of thought. 

At first I thought that I wouldn't put up any decorations. After all, we have mapped out a plan as to where we are stuffing all of the furniture (don't open that closet!)...but then I decided a little would go a long way until I get the phone call to say the demolition crew would be on my doorstep!

So here is Christmas 'light':

I stitched this Bent Creek snow globe years ago, but it got a finishing do-over after last year!

I have a very few of these snowflake kits left. Email me if interested ( They are $14 plus shipping and include chart, linen, woolfelt, button, and backing fabric. 

Love my mantle! It's the one item I insisted on: whatever we did to the fireplace surround, I had to have a mantle! 

I just love it when the only lights on in a room are the Christmas lights!

Enjoy the Stitch 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

A little stitching...

...on a snowy night. 

It started snowing yesterday afternoon (I love the first snowfall, but after that, well, you know...)

I usually work while I watch tv at night with my husband. This time of year I am still wrapping up a few finishing jobs, but tonight I felt called to stitch. 

This model was suppose to have been completed last weekend at a retreat, but my body and the flu had other ideas!

Hands On Design and Just Another Button Company released [merry] a few weeks ago. Usually I send this to a model stitcher, but you know me and chalkboard...

Here is my first little corner of merry.berry. It is going to be so sweet! I'm ready to turn the pattern! (Like my toe in the pic?!)

With our home (potentially) in flux with home improvement projects this year, this might just be my sole decoration!

Enjoy your weekend and most definitely enjoy the stitch,