Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A whole latte like...

You have no idea how many bad coffee jokes we have been making around this house with the release of the 3rd Block Party - JAVA.

As with all of the Block Party pincushions - no 2 sides are alike (that would be boring). This, however makes it really difficult to photograph for the cover shot!
Here are the other you can see, short tall, stacked & to go- something for all!

So what's with the spoons you ask? Kind of a weird thing: my family (mom, dad & sisters) loves (I mean L-O-V-E-S) ice cream. When I was little we had a smattering of spoons that didn't match the rest. They were always in the back of the drawer. Somewhere along the line - I  knew it to be so, that ice cream tasted better when eaten with the 'fun spoons'. Even today, I love my yogurt (love the ice cream - it just doesn't love me) with a few fun spoons of my own. 

JAVA is on it's way to shops right now! Oh & the pinset? JABC always comes through when I say pretty please. After knitting needles in the last set (see Block Party WOOL pins), I just knew they could fashion a fantastic to-go cup...right down to the little green Starbuck's-like stopper!

We've had a lot going on the home front as well. I have been wanting to redo our floors for some time, but re-doing floors meant re-doing the paint & the fireplace, & the laundry room  & on. I will do some better before & after pics at some point but you get the gist:

You can see at one point I tried to paint the back of the bookcases red (which promptly got covered by fabric)

The finisher in me was fascinated to watch the hearth come apart. I told them if they found treasure in there it was mine...bodies were theirs!

Cassie loves the contractors, but not the noise they make.

Floors are in, walls are painted & stone is laid. At this point, I am waiting for the hearthstone & mantle (& DH has started new TV shopping now that we have more room for 'bigger'!)
As always,
Enjoy the Stitch