Tuesday, February 9, 2016

28 years...

If you've been a follower & have a really sharp memory - you will remember that I always have a gift at the ready for my dearest on our anniversary...which of course was last Saturday...

...well, it WAS stitched in time but just not finished.

He certainly understood as our house has recently been in turmoil with construction (almost done there), kids activities (they may be grown but are still busy little buggers!), AND market is in less than a month now!!! Let's just say he's used to coming home to see me with my hair on fire! (it's not a good look for me)

Anyway, BE MINE is this year's Valentine. It's a dainty one & only took me, slowest stitcher on the planet, an evening to whip up!

I've listed the fabric & threads on the page but with such a petite piece, scavenge your surroundings! My surroundings included a piece of 32ct Glastonbury Tor (thanks Stephanie!) - a neat shade of green I know DH will like. I gave mine a great big Chenille hug from Lady Dot Creates & the perfect pins from JABC.

I have updated the webpage with some looks as to what's about to release so take a peak & in the meantime, enjoy Be Mine.

                                                                   Be Mine Chart

Want designs from the past 3 years? - search the blog history for the past 3 February's...the links are still there!

                                                                 Enjoy the Stitch,