Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Just in case you think I've been slackin'...

Thought I would take a moment to play catch up, but first! A sneaky peek ahead to one of the next To the Beach releases!

I won't 'weigh' you down with titles just yet!!

Read to the end - I promised I would give stitch counts for the series to help those stitching all 12 together!

What have I been doing since the last post?!?
We took our oldest to the State Special Olympics games in Ames, IA. A great weekend all around & he brought home 1 Gold, 1 Silver & a 4th place finish! woop - woop!

A quick trip to Pittsburgh with Bill...

to celebrate my Dad's Birthday (one of those 'significant' numbers!)

Around that time, I released VINO - 5th in the Block Party series...

planted some posies...

& picked some berries!

More beach!!

& how about some Christmas ornaments (never too early to start!)

Hitting the road soon to teach a finishing class...

and in between I am working away on a new website!! I hope to go 'live' soon! (This blog will transfer to the new site - look out for a post with links telling you when & where!)

What else you ask? I've got a fun new club in the works with shopowner Lois of Elegant Stitch (I love her patience!!) - a designer series with StitchyBox & I just had a 2 hour conversation with Priscilla (my fav chalkboard friend!) today...nothin' much!

Here are those stitch counts!

Released charts: Oh Whale - 92x61, A Little Cottage - 92x60, Adjust Your Sail - 91x59, Flock Together - 94x61, On Beach Time - 92x60, Starts in the Sky - 93x60

Remaining charts in order of release (stitch counts only): 93x62, 90x59, 92x60, 92x60, 92x60, 94x62

I have seen a few stitchers putting all of the charts on one cloth - awesome!! Leave at least 5 to 6 stitches in between - I have also seen stitchers shorten the design by a thread or 2 to make it fit - also a great idea!! 

Enjoy the stitch!