Monday, July 11, 2016


A few weeks ago, I got sucked into one of those crazy Facebook tests...'how many states have you been to?' My answer at the time was 38...& I'm proud to say, it's now 39!

Last week I traveled to Cheyenne, WY to teach at my friend Penny's shop, Ewe Count. This teaching experience was a little different as I didn't actually design the stitched portion of the class. That was left up to another friend, Amy Bruecken of the uber cute Amy Bruecken Designs! I had fun taking Amy's 'Life is Better in Boots' design to another level of cuteness with an adorable box finish!

Lots of pictures...hang on & take the journey with me...

Here is our project! You can't see the felt ball feet in this picture!

It was a short 8 hour drive for me - beautiful country!

We stopped to be tourists - neither one of us had ever been to Wyoming, so Penny (center) obliged!

Kind of hard to see, but as I got off the highway and drove towards the shop...these friendly mule deer greeted me!

Every time I wrote the word 'you' this came out 'ewe'. It seemed appropriate!

What a welcome site!!

An inside shot at the front door! This is the yarn room!

The hotel where Amy & I stayed...yes, haunted! They left us alone, but a few other gals said they 'heard things'...

You can figure out what they make here!

Day 1 of class - Amy walked the students through stitching on linen, playing with Memory Thread, cool embellishments, and filling us in on her 'story'. I told her she looked like a librarian talking to little kids at story time!

Saturday was my turn - I think they figured out why my company is called 'Hands On'.

I walked them through the steps of making a box finish!

Everyone got a chance to practice their lacing!

Here's the ribbon station!!

Quite a few finished the whole project! What an accomplishment!

The yearbook shot! These ladies were so much fun!

Amy & I got a special surprise! Cindy & her mom Gail drove in from Denver to visit! Cindy owned Fancimats & More for many years. I've always had fun with her mom as we are both finishers! This was so special. 

By now, you know I make a little kit for retreats. I Count, do Ewe?...well of course you do!

Penny had a few of these little gems left (complete kit for $13).

She had 1 or 2 class kits left as well if you are interested. Call her at the shop 307-638-1148 & she will gladly ship them.

I almost forgot! This was a piece I designed for the Stitching Across the Rockies Shop Hop: 4 shops & each was assigned a season. I guess it's easy to figure out what season Penny had! She also has these little kits available!

Whew - thanks for hanging in there! It's been a BUSY summer here at che Habermann/Hands On Design! I hope you are enjoying the hot months...we'll be complaining about the cold soon enough!

Enjoy the Stitch!