Monday, July 11, 2016


A few weeks ago, I got sucked into one of those crazy Facebook tests...'how many states have you been to?' My answer at the time was 38...& I'm proud to say, it's now 39!

Last week I traveled to Cheyenne, WY to teach at my friend Penny's shop, Ewe Count. This teaching experience was a little different as I didn't actually design the stitched portion of the class. That was left up to another friend, Amy Bruecken of the uber cute Amy Bruecken Designs! I had fun taking Amy's 'Life is Better in Boots' design to another level of cuteness with an adorable box finish!

Lots of pictures...hang on & take the journey with me...

Here is our project! You can't see the felt ball feet in this picture!

It was a short 8 hour drive for me - beautiful country!

We stopped to be tourists - neither one of us had ever been to Wyoming, so Penny (center) obliged!

Kind of hard to see, but as I got off the highway and drove towards the shop...these friendly mule deer greeted me!

Every time I wrote the word 'you' this came out 'ewe'. It seemed appropriate!

What a welcome site!!

An inside shot at the front door! This is the yarn room!

The hotel where Amy & I stayed...yes, haunted! They left us alone, but a few other gals said they 'heard things'...

You can figure out what they make here!

Day 1 of class - Amy walked the students through stitching on linen, playing with Memory Thread, cool embellishments, and filling us in on her 'story'. I told her she looked like a librarian talking to little kids at story time!

Saturday was my turn - I think they figured out why my company is called 'Hands On'.

I walked them through the steps of making a box finish!

Everyone got a chance to practice their lacing!

Here's the ribbon station!!

Quite a few finished the whole project! What an accomplishment!

The yearbook shot! These ladies were so much fun!

Amy & I got a special surprise! Cindy & her mom Gail drove in from Denver to visit! Cindy owned Fancimats & More for many years. I've always had fun with her mom as we are both finishers! This was so special. 

By now, you know I make a little kit for retreats. I Count, do Ewe?...well of course you do!

Penny had a few of these little gems left (complete kit for $13).

She had 1 or 2 class kits left as well if you are interested. Call her at the shop 307-638-1148 & she will gladly ship them.

I almost forgot! This was a piece I designed for the Stitching Across the Rockies Shop Hop: 4 shops & each was assigned a season. I guess it's easy to figure out what season Penny had! She also has these little kits available!

Whew - thanks for hanging in there! It's been a BUSY summer here at che Habermann/Hands On Design! I hope you are enjoying the hot months...we'll be complaining about the cold soon enough!

Enjoy the Stitch!



  1. it's very nice !!! I love ewe ...Bravo !

  2. 39 is quite a few states! Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing. Your work and designs are fantastic!

  3. Thank you for taking us on the photo journey of your trip and class! Super pictures!

  4. always fun to see places you'll probably never make it to. Glad you had an awesome time and class was well attended. cheers ! Mel

  5. Felt ball feet! What a clever idea. {Storing away for later...}

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