Friday, September 2, 2016

Hands On The Move!

Get it?? More on that later...

That annual event of all annual events is taking place: the publishing of the JCS Ornament Issue. I've seen the cover lurking about for months and today I had my 1st 'in-store' sighting! (ok - I wasn't actually 'in' the store...I was 'on' facebook).

The cover looks fantastic & I'm thrilled to say I'm in this issue twice! The [square.ology] design team (yours truly, Cecile & Rachel of JABC fame) made the cover shot this year. features red sleds with a hoop style finish - center position! Be sure to check it out - the hoop finish is super easy (& of course you can order complete finishing kits here on the JABC website)

As always...there is a story behind my ornament!

I was asked to create a 'set' of ornaments again this year (remember Peace & Plenty from 2015?)

I always try to come up with something original & words that aren't done & done. Unfortunately, when my JCS August ornament preview magazine arrived...ummm...something was missing...

After some editorial snafu's, JCS will be publishing the mate to Blessings in the Nov/Dec issue. You know these magazines come out well in advance of the actual month it represents - so still plenty of time to stitch the duo before tree decorating time.

On a side note: the companion ornament (you can see it peeking into the picture above) is charted with the word 'yuletide'. I thought Yuletide Blessings was a sweet holiday wish & how perfect that they would publish in that order...well not exactly. We've been walking around our house wishing each other 'Blessings Yuletide' in perfect Yoda-like fashion!

In each issue, the designer is asked to provide a Christmas Memory & recipe - well, apparently mine hit the cutting room floor...? So you get your very own invitation to my recipe (since you follow my Blog - you already got the cliff notes version of my Christmas Memory.)

Cake Mix Cookies - quick, Easy & Delicious

1 box Chocolate Cake (with Pudding in the mix)
1/2C oil
2 eggs
Peanut Butter chips and/or Chocolate chips

Mix 1st 3  ingredients until blended. Add desired amount of chips.

Bake at 350 for 10 minutes.

These cookies are moist & cake like. Experiment with all different flavor combinations: Orange or Strawberry flavored cake mix with white chocolate chips or Red Velvet with Dark chocolate

Hands On the Move...

No, I'm not moving...but my website & blog did. My website was in much need of repair & while I like a good remodeling project, IT is not my forte.

The web address is the same - - my blog will now be located on my website & I am starting a Newsletter mailing list for stitchers - stay up to date with what's new & happening at Hands On Design.

You can see that my blogposts have moved over & while this blog will stay up (for those that have Pinterested from it), this is the last post here...never fear - blogging will continue. I really enjoy writing this way & love hearing from those faithful commenters.

I encourage you to click on the link above & sign up for the newsletter!

So call your shop & order your magazine...

Blessings Yuletide




  1. Cute ornaments.
    Thanks for the recipe, these sound easy and delicious.

  2. I really like the ornaments featured. The recipe sounds super and very easy. I want to tell you your new website looks great and I like how everything is in one place. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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